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Step Into The Old West With Johnny Ringo's Carefree Adventures

What better way to tour the Sonoran desert than in the company of cowboys who will take you back in time for your own personalized Old West adventure – Johnny Ringo's Carefree Adventures, featuring Arizona jeep tours through Tonto National Forest. So whether you're looking for Phoenix jeep tours, Scottsdale jeep tours or any similarly adventurous experience, Johnny Ringo has the Arizona adventure tours for you.

Johnny Ringo heads the crew of cowboys that lead his Arizona guided tours. "My guys are characters," says Johnny. "They are not jeep jocks but the best tour guides in the West." All dressed in authentic cowboy garb, each of Johnny's guides has his own unique Western name, like Will B. Dunn, Night Owl, Cactus, Rebel and Yellow Snake.

Yet valued for far more than their entertainment value, the tour guides for Carefree Adventures are exceptionally knowledgeable in plant and animal life, archaeological artifacts, Hohokam prehistoric Indian ruins and natural waterfalls.

"Last summer, my guides and I took classes to have more knowledge of ancient Indian ruins in the Forest," says Johnny. "We are now site stewards to protect these irreplaceable resources. We also volunteer time to scout trails, pickup litter, remove graffiti. We do whatever needs to be done."

You can step into the Old West with Arizona guided tours that include the:

Carefree Adventures also has a fourth tour – the Hidden Treasures of Cave Creek.  All of these Arizona adventure tours run about four hours, except for the Four Peaks Adventure which runs about six and a half hours. Plus, any one of these tours can be customized to create your own personalized adventure.

To learn more or to schedule Arizona jeep tours, including Phoenix jeep tours and Scottsdale jeep tours, visit Johnny Ringo's Carefree Adventures online today.

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