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Gold Mine Tour

The ride to your destination is not only exciting but also very picturesque.  We will be heading north into the Tonto National Forest, down a winding road to Rackensack Canyon.   We enter the canyon and take a trail with thrilling twists and turns while ascending to a beautiful mountaintop at approximately 4,500+ elevation.  Definitely an exhilarating white knuckle ride.  Load your camera for some magnificent photo opportunities.  As you enter the mine, you'll be equipped with hard hats, flashlights and the feeling of unknown territory which will keep your adrenalin pumping as you follow the same vein of Gold, as Old Rackensack did and leave with lasting memories of the Old West. 

Your guide will educate you about mining in the area and tales of one of the most colorful characters of that era.  Edward G Cave, nicknamed "Old Rackensack", came to Arizona in 1870 with a gambling spirit to try his hand at a desert fortune. 

Sturdy walking/hiking shoes are recommended. 

"Above it All" Archeological Tour

Your adventure begins as we travel north to the high desert onto a prehistoric Indian Village perched on a hilltop within a massive retaining wall. While hiking a trial up to the ruins, you stop several times for your guide to heighten your experience by sharing their knowledge of the many desert plants and the Native Americans who first inhabited this land, At the site are the remains of many rooms and courtyards and a commanding view of the surrounding desert. After touring these fascinating ruins,we continue north through the Sonoran Desert on a winding road that takes us to an entirely different temperate zone. After a short ride you ascend one mile high to the top of Humboldt Mountain. You are treated to a spectacular view of the mountain ranges that surround our valley and the rivers below.

Four Peaks Adventure

We depart from your resort and head to Fountain hills, after a short highway drive to the base of Four Peaks.  There you will experience 18 miles of high desert terrain to the highest peak in Maricopa County, the Native Americans called "Four Peaks".  Along the way we stop for a nature walk in the Sonoran Desert where your guide introduces you to the wondrous plants and wildlife of this region.  You learn about the various cacti and how the Native Americans used them for food and medicine.  After some great photo opportunities at this picturesque area, we then travel through five different temperate zones. Our next stop will be at Mug Springs where you will have a chance to relax, bring your lunch, and share stories with your guide. Now get ready for your next thrilling ride to the 6000+ feet elevation where a carpet of green Ponderosa Pine stretches out before you and offer incredible photo opportunities.

Hidden Treasures of Cave Creek

Cave Creek was an old Gold Mining town founded in the 1870's and has never lost its "zest" for life. We head north through Cave Creek to the high Sonoran Desert surrounded by beautiful mountain vistas. There, your guide will take you on a nature walk and educate you on the many desert plants, animals and offer many incredible photos opportunities. Learn about mining in the mid 1800's, when the lure of gold drew a colorful cast of characters to Cave Creek. The ride back through Cave Creek will expose you to many unique shops, cafes, restaurants and art galleries. If you like,you will have an opportunity to SHOP! You will marvel at Black Mountain with enormous picturesque bolder outcroppings that appear to have been randomly strewn across the landscape by some great hand.

"Walk the Walk"

Take a hike with one of our professional guides into the Sonoran Desert.

Your guide will share their knowledge of the various cacti and plants.  You will also learn what our Native Americans used for food and medicine.

Bring your camera and take home your most memorable experience and who knows what’s lurking around the next trail...

2 to 4 hour hikes available • Water, packs and walking sticks provided • Call for Reservations


Gold Mine Tour Archeological Tour Four Peaks Tour Hidden Treasures of Cave Creek